Salad Bowl Chopper

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Salad Bowl Chopper

Take the hassle out of cleaning and straining and chopping your ingredients all at the same time with this Salad Bowl Chopper!

Introducing the all-new Salad Bowl Chopper, finally a fast, easy, virtually mess-free way to enjoy a healthy salad every day! Designed to hold all of your ingredients, the unique slits take the hassle out of rinsing and straining and allow you to chop the ingredients all at once.

Cut through the slits in one direction, then rotate the wave cam top for a perfect, no mess crosscut. In just seconds, your ingredients are all perfectly chopped and your garden fresh salad is ready to eat. Never dirty a cutting board again!

Make all types of salads - even chicken or fruit salad (pictured)

Cut in every slit for a finely chopped salad or cut in every other slot for a rougher chop. Garden fresh salad at home has never been so fast and easy. And that’s not all. Can also be used to make a healthy fruit salad and to chop everything you need for chicken salad all at once.


Item Type: Salad Bowl
Material: PP
Size: 19.4 x 17.6 x 11.4cm (7.64 x 6.93 x 4.49in)
Weight: 0.2 kg


1 x Salad Bowl Chopper

Salad Bowl Chopper
Salad Bowl Chopper
Salad Bowl Chopper